Blue Hen Disposal takes yard waste and construction wood waste to Blue Hen Organics in Frankford, Delaware where these organic materials are manufactured into high quality compost, topsoil and other horticultural soil amendments that are sold in bulk throughout the Delmarva Peninsula. Compost is a biological process of recycling organic materials to support and sustain new plant growth. Composting is the transformation of organic material through decomposition involving invertebrates and microorganisms into a stable, nutrient-rich, soil-like material.

Yard Waste Roll Off Load

Yard waste is ground and blended together based on a computer model formula for each type of compost.  The mixed organic material is placed in windrows and monitored daily for tempurature, moisture, and oxygen to ensure the optimal composting parameters.  After the 6-month process, the finished compost is screened and ready for sale. 

Blue Hen Disposal is proud to be on the leading edge of organic recycling on the Delmarva Peninsula by partnering with Blue Hen Organics to recycle yard waste, food waste and construction wood waste in an environmentally safe and beneficial manner.  Give us a call at (302) 945-3500 to find out how affordable it is to recycle your organic material.

Screening Bay Organics Green at Blue Hen Organics