Responsive, Reliable and Competitively Priced

Blue Hen Disposal understands our commercial customers’ unique waste service needs. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to be responsive, reliable and competitively priced.

We know it’s our job to make sure our garbage collection services help your business, not burden it. We take extreme care to respect your workplace, and your time. From the ground up, we have made it our business to take care of all of your waste and recycling needs. Because we all know time is money. and that is one thing we will never waste.

Front-Load Containers

Commonly referred to as “dumpsters,” commercial, front-load containers are the most commonly used waste collection receptacles in United States. Commercial containers are offered in 2, 4, 6, and 8 cubic yards with locking options available.  Containers are placed in a location easily accessible for cleanup crews and near waste-generation areas when possible. Waste and recycling must be placed in the proper container and will be serviced at the proper frequency.  Should your waste volumes call for more service, a larger container or more frequent collection may be necessary.  Contact us today for a quote on commercial waste or recycling removal.


Front Load Commercial Trash Disposal Containers

Commercial Compactors

Compactors are fully enclosed containers varying in size from 2 to 8 cubic yards. They utilize a mechanical blade to compact the waste and maximize the amount of materials that can be loaded into the container. Most compactor customers generate high levels of waste and benefit greatly from the maximization of space available for waste. The upfront cost of a compactor is higher; however, savings are gained due to the significantly fewer collections needed over time. Contact us to determine if a compactor is right for you.