Residential Waste Removal

Blue Hen Disposal offers once a week residential waste collection and every other week recycling collection throughout Sussex County, Delaware.  Blue Hen provides trash and recycling 95 gallon wheeled carts to all residential customers.  We ask that our customers have their trash out to the curb the night before your scheduled pick-up day. 

Blue Hen disposal picks up residential waste with the newest, most technologically advanced fleet of automated collection trucks in Delaware.  When placing your trash container at the curb do not lean objects against the container or place the container too close to fences, trees, mailboxes, or vehicles.   

Blue Hen Disposal has several options for payment with no additional charge to our customers.  We accept Checks or credit cards--Visa, Mastercard, or Discover payable via telephone.


Automated service utilizes a truck equipped with a mechanical arm that lifts your trash and recycling containers from the street and empties the containers' contents into the truck - without the driver ever leaving the cab.

Automated trash service is more convenient.  You can fill your container without having to worry about how heavy the contents are - simply wheel the containers to the curb on your service day and the truck's mechanical arm will do the rest.

The automated containers are more durable, and reduce the likelihood of tipping or spilling. Because they are uniform in appearance, they also help neighborhoods look neater and cleaner.